Vacuum & Pressure Forming

Ameriwest Technology INC. (ATI Plastics) has expanded to incorporate Vacuum and Pressure Forming to facilitate your company's needs. This GPM vacuum/pressure former is capable of producing parts approximately 48" x 72" wide, with a 24" draw. The former is double ended which allows for medium to high production capabilities.

Vacuum Forming or Pressure Forming each has its own advantages.

Vacuum Forming is when a sheet of plastic material is heated to pliability, then pressed against a 3D mold by vacuuming out the air between the sheet and the mold.

Vacuum formed parts can be a great option when large, cost effective parts are desired. They can also achieve high levels of gloss, and clarity and therefore may be good option when those aesthetic requirements are a necessity.

Pressure forming utilizes the same process as vacuum forming, but in addition, applies air pressure above the plastic sheet to create tighter tolerances and crisp details.

Pressure formed parts have aesthetic that rival injection molded parts at a fraction of the tooling cost. An additionsla benefit of the process is the use of undercuts which can allow for part attachment to mating parts as well as the chassis or frame in ways that can reduce cost and increase repeatability as compared to traditional vacuum forming techniques.

All thermoforming project starts out with a design. Typically, thermoformed plastic is used as a component of a larger product. Often it's the outer protective and aesthetic covering for a piece of equipment. Whatever it's being used for, most of thermoformed products start out as a CAD model or drawing. We work with our customers CAD file, to refine the model into a shape that will work well with our plastics manufacturing process.

In addition ATI Plastics offers design and engineering for projects that need a little help getting off the ground.

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