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Do you require Vacuum and Pressure Forming Services in San Diego?

Vacuum forming is a popular and affordable way to produce plastic parts of all shapes and sizes. Basically how this process works is the heat sensitive plastic that is being shaped is heated to an extremely hot temperature so that it becomes formable. Then using a pre-made mold made of aluminum the plastic is shaped into the desired form. This process can be optimized depending on the plastic shape that is required. Using a vacuum air pressure the thermoplastic is pressed against the mold until it takes shape, the difference in air pressure is what causes the plastic to be molded.

Pressure Forming is similar to vacuum forming because it is a process of forming thermo heated plastic into various shapes and figures. However, pressure forming is different because it allows for more detail to be pressed into the plastic that is being formed. By using varying air pressures different textures and engraving can be pressed into the plastic. This makes for almost unlimited design possibilities in the world of plastic manufacturing. Although Pressure Forming is not nearly as cost efficient, as Vacuum forming it is still a great choice for developing high-end custom products.

Where To Go For Vacuum and Pressure Forming In San Diego

Inventors who wish to have their visions come to life need to look no further than ATI plastics located right at home in California. Ameriwest Technology INC provided Vacuum and Pressure forming services for various clients with outstanding results. They have all of the equipment required to successfully bring nearly any concept into realization. Using the most modern plastic forming technology currently available today.

As full service plastic fabrication facility, ATI plastics are ideal for helping visionaries create prototypes and small production plastics. They are more affordable than many plastics fabrications services located overseas. Their expert staff has over 28 years of experience in various areas of plastics manipulation and design.

See Your Project Come To Life

Thanks to modern vacuum forming and pressure forming techniques manufacturing unique plastic design is easier than ever. If you have an interesting design idea that you would like to see come together contact ATI plastics today. From conception to product development the experts at ATI plastics will help you get your product ready for the assembly line. With ATI nearly anything is possible, they will help you to work out the logistics of your plastic prototype so that it is not only optimally functional but also affordable to re-produce.

If you are interested in finding out more about Vacuum and Pressure forming in San Diego contact ATI plastics today! Their experienced staff will be happy to offer you assistance and give you a full overview of the services that are available from Ameriwest Technology INC.